Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Tip/Trend #2: Fresh Florals

1. Choose hearty flowers-opt for flowers that will endure the elements of the day. Orchids, ginger halcyons, birds-of-paradise, lilies, calla lilies, sunflowers, and even roses will champion high temperatures.

2. Maintain your blooms-the higher the temperature, the more upkeep your wedding day flowers require. Have them delivered the day of the wedding and make sure there is a refrigerator to store them before the ceremony starts. If your blooms will be exposed to the summer heat for an extended amount of time, keep a spray water bottle on hand and give your flowers a light misting every hour or so.

3. Bright & Bold-Opt for eye-catching hues in your floral design. Be considerate of whether your wedding is in the day or evening so you can choose your palette according.

4. Bouquets-Be cautious of getting oversized bouquets. A smaller, hand-tied bouquet will hold up in the heat better than a full, cascading one.

Happy Planning!

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