Friday, May 31, 2013

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Footwork Friday

by Nicole  
French designer Christian Louboutin is infamous for his red-soled shoes. His collection of wedding shoes that added the blue sole instead of the red was a great idea, but brides were disappointed to hear that they were only offered for a limited time. However, launching her bridal shoe line a month ago, Betsey Johnson saved those brides who were in love with those amazing blue-soled shoes. The price of her shoes are at a much more reasonable cost than a pair of Louboutins, ranging from $79-$199. The shoe designs will be sure to blow you away, and besides, what better way is there to incorporate “something blue” into your wedding attire than by having them on the sole of some fabulous shoes? Be inspired.

Photo Credit: Betsey Johnson & Pinterest

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Ombre Bridal Procession

by Nicole
One way to make your bridal procession stand out is by incorporating ombre into it. Depending on your color scheme for your wedding, you can add varying shades of your color choice into the bridesmaid dresses. The first bridesmaid down the aisle would wear the darkest color. The colors will fade as each bridesmaid walks down the aisle until the bride walks in wearing white. This idea also works well with your bridal bouquets! Be inspired. 

 Photo Credit: Pinterest

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Instagram Your Wedding

by Nicole
Having a professional photographer is a nice touch to any wedding, but receiving the pictures from your big day could take weeks. One way to solve this problem would be to have your guests Instagram photos they take throughout the night of your reception. You can have your guests use a specific hashtag when tagging photos or have them log into an account dedicated to your reception. Your guests will be sure to capture moments that your photographer may have missed, and family members and friends who were not able to attend could see just how amazing your night was. Be inspired.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Peplums

by Nicole
Peplums have been making their way onto runways, and are now being seen everywhere. This extra frill is even being featured in wedding gowns. Because peplums can be flattering on any figure, they are truly a dream come true. They can create the illusion of a waist for smaller women, or accentuate the waist of women who already have one. Designers such as Vera Wang, Jenny Packhman, Monique Lhuillier, and Carolina Herrera have all incorporated this trend into their collections. Be inspired.

Photo Credit: Vera Wang, Jenny Packham, Monique Lhuillier, Carolina Herrera, & Pinterest

Monday, May 27, 2013

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Grand Exits

By Nicole
What better way is there to put an end to your next night than by having your wedding exit just as exciting as your grand entrance? Grand exits make for a lasting impression, and of course are great photo opportunities. Whether you are leaving your ceremony or reception, these grand exits will be sure to wow your guests. Be inspired. 
Photo Credit: Pinterest 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Footwork Friday

By Marla
Wearing a lace shoe on your wedding day will surely turn heads. The design of these shoes give off an enchanted fairy tale look. To add to the shoe, you can attach a shoe clip or rhinestones to create a touch of your own. On your special day you are the princess of the night, and lace shoes will give off that timeless glass slipper effect. Be inspired.
Photo Credit: Fashion Diva Design & Pintrest

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Ribbon Backdrop

By Marla
To add a little special touch to your wedding, doing this DIY project can really change the appearance of your ceremony or reception area. A ribbon backdrop is a simple project that will not be hard on your budget either! You would need some type of piping or wooden rod, stripped material, lace, and/or ribbon. Choose the colors you like to mix and match, ombre, blush colors etc. All you need to do is tie the ribbon to the piping. These backdrops can be placed anywhere throughout the wedding. It's a very creative way to make a venue your own. Be inspired.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Making Memories

By Marla
I believe what makes the most beautiful wedding photographs are the ones that are less constructed. The pictures that look more candid are very romantic. They capture moments of your special day to show the affection you share toward your love one. These pictures are all one of a kind making a memory of your own. Be inspired.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Textured Wedding Cake

By Marla
Having a textured iced cake is a perfect look for a rustic chic wedding. Also, this is great if you're trying to step away from the standard smooth fondant. Using the textured style allows the cake to also have a better taste of butter cream or the icing of your choice. This rustic chic looks gives a more relaxed but elegant approach to a formal wedding cake. Be inspired.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Color Me Bridal

By Marla
If you really want to be a bold bride, this is the dress for you! Lazaro bridal gown collections now have colors through the gowns. This would be great to mix in with you're color palette with blush pinks, soft yellow, and powder blues. The cut and style of the gowns are rather elegant. So, you'll still have that traditional bridal gown look with a little chic twist. Be inspired.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Footwork Friday

By Marla
These Kate Spade wedding pumps will put a little pep in your step on your special day. This beautiful shoe features an elegant bow above the peep-toe and is complimented with platinum sparkles around the heel. Together, this gives off a classic look with a little glamour twist. If you're looking for that Cinderella shoe, this maybe the perfect fit. Be inspired.
Photo Credit: Lisa Rigby Photography

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Flower Girl Chic

By Marla
Being a flower girl in a wedding is like the ultimate day for the little girl to play dress up! The young one is so excited to put their dress on and lead their bride down the flowered aisle. So, give her a dress that she will not forget! The traditional flower girl dresses are beautiful. However, a feathered skirt dress or lace will make her feel like a princess, and look adorable. If you have a more vintage or modern wedding dress and theme, implement that in the flower girl dress. This is a special day for them too! Be inspired.
Photo Credit: Pintrest & Webbook

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Children Activity Book

By Marla
To keep children occupied during the cocktail hour and reception put together an activity book! Inside the books are tic tac toe squares, word search, connect the dots, and coloring pictures all keeping the wedding theme. This can be a fun element to add to your wedding for the kids to work as a team and keep them busy. The link below can direct you to the website where you can download the template! Be inspired.
Photo Credit: Lovely Indeed

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Who Could Forget The Cameo?

By Marla
If you're looking for a more classical, 18th century "look" for your wedding then this is a great theme to use. By adding details of cameo to your decor, it will surely stand out from the crowd. The color scheme may also be unique with different filigree patterns, black, with pops of colors using light blues, bright pinks, and yellows to break up the color palette and allow for the cameo decals to stand out. The cameo accessory is a timeless piece that will surely bring an old world charm to your wedding, which is very romantic. Be inspired.