Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sit Outside the Box

Traditionally, wedding receptions have your 60 or 72 inch round tables with 8-10 chairs around them. Nowadays modern brides are wowing their guests with a wedding reception design that goes beyond the round banquet tables. Why not make your wedding reception look like you've invited them into the comfort of an intimate lounge or home? Comfy, cozy lounge seating makes it easy for guests to mix, mingle, and chillax.

You can rent furniture in white or black. White is more common and we actually prefer white as well. There is SO much versatility with lounge seating which include banquettes, love seats, benches, corner pieces, and ottomons. You can have so much fun piecing it together into a custom design. It can be set up in your cocktail hour. You can have seating around the dancefloor as a focal point within the reception. You can have a bar area seperate from the dance area where guests can mingle away from loud music, filled with lounge furniture, side/end tables instead of banquet/cocktail tables and chairs, creating an actual lounge. You can also use banquettes along one side of a long, rectangular dinner table with chairs on the opposite side.

We love this trending decor item. Using punches of colors with pillows, florals, and candles in your lounge area to compliment your wedding theme/colors ties it all together seamlessly and stylishly. Even throw in some lighted tables to create a beautiful glow. Lounge furniture is not a cheap decor item. However, if you are looking to step outside the box and take your design to another level, it's certainly an element to consider. Check out these fabulous pics of different lounge seating within a reception. Be inspired!

Photo Credit: Google Images

Friday, July 29, 2011

Are you a rustic chic bride?

We are gearing up for our rustic chic wedding this weekend so we wanted to talk about this style. Rustic chic is a modern trend that draws inspiration from natural elements. It's a combination of things that are a little rough around the edges but balanced with a sophisticated, elegant design. Pair rustic items like handmade wooden objects, burlap, distressed pieces with chic items like pearls, feathers, flowers, and even a little sparkle. Though you can use these elements within any setting, finding a venue or space that allows you to build on the beautiful, natural outdoor elements really brings this vision to life. Check out the gorgeous pics of this rustic chic wedding from Michael Howard! Be inspired!

Love fan program and potted flowers/plants!Oversize tree as altar + Guests seated on stacks of hay =FAB!
Note the teal hanging chandelier in the tree #thelittlethings

Homemade-drink stand with a chic dispenser and vintage-frame chalkboard signage

The barn provides the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot!
Mason jars with pretty pops of colored flowers!

How cool is the trailer snack truck?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eye Candy: Hydrangea Table Runner

We absolutely fell in love with last week's blog post from the fabulous Emmaline Bride site. The cascading hydrangea table runner is so chic and timeless! As a flower, hydrangeas are just gorgeous and alot of times used to add fullness. On this table design, it provides the perfect pop of color (as this flower comes in many colors) and makes such a bold yet elegant statement as they drape the sides down to the floor. BE INSPIRED! We are :-)

Photo Credit: Caplan Miller Events

Friday, July 22, 2011

Wedding Woes: The Guest List

9 times out of 10 we would say that our client's number one concern when planning a wedding is the BUDGET! Furthermore, 9 times out of 10, the GUEST LIST directly correlates to the budget. Weddings bring out all types of emotions from people you least expect it from. It can be very overwhelming and stressful to come up with a list of people to invite to the most important day in your life without breaking the bank. Everyone loves you and has been there for you in some type of way in your life so it is completely natural to feel obligated to let everyone share in your special day. So what do you do when the budget doesn't allow you to invite that old college roommate, your 2nd and 3rd cousins, your uncle and his family of five, or your parent's list of co-workers? You trim GRACIOUSLY :-)

Food and beverage expenses at the reception are always 48%-55% of your overall wedding budget. Because this is the biggest item, the guest list makes or breaks the budget. Not to mention that you are also paying for a favor, napkin, chair/chair cover, menu card, etc. per guest and as those numbers go up you are also increasing your table count, linens, centerpieces, and cake size needed. The fact of the matter is some people just cannot be invited. They may be slightly offended or not. The good news is they love and care for you so they will soon understand and get over it. Don't let guest list drama get the best of you or take away from the positive, fun experience of wedding planning. Finalizing your invited guest list is all about being organized, diplomatic, and realistic.

Here are a some suggestions that help our brides avoid stress and cut down on the guest list:

  • Determine priorities: immediate/close family and close friends.

  • Remove whole children, no co-workers, no relations beyond 1st cousins.

  • Limit the number of additional guests. For example, if your girlfriend Sarah is casually dating and is not in a serious, committed relationship you know of for any significant time, she does not get a plus one and will sit at a guest table amongst people she knows.

  • Hold the wedding on a non-traditional day/time. Friday and Sunday weddings are becoming more popular. Weekday weddings are also becoming options for couples.

  • Hold the wedding at a distant location. Money and traveling will deter people from attending.

  • Ask yourself questions such as, "Would I be offended if I weren't invited to their wedding?", "When is the last time I spoke to this person?"

  • Organize your guests into an A list & B list. Send out your A list first and for every no you receive, send out an invitation from your B List.

  • Communicate honestly. If someone is offended about not being invited, don't get offended or defensive. Simply respond, "Though we would love to have you there, our budget only allows us to have a certain number of people share this special occasion with us. If something changes, you will be the first to know."

  • Stand firm. If your number is 200, don't make exceptions. If you make an exception to 201, then will soon be at 220 because you will keep making exceptions.

Photo Image: Google Images

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eye Candy: Stylish Table Numbers

The traditional silver, tall card holder with the black and white number card is so dated and over...just saying :-) Get a little crafty and spice up your table design with jazzy table names/numbers! It is a great way to show some creativity and personalize your wedding with your individual style even more. If you have a theme, theme-related table numbers are another way to incorporate it in your wedding design. Whether it's fun pictures, 3-d numbers, a chalkboard, books, records, or whatever else says "Y-O-U", unique table names are always a hit!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Boy Meets Girl: Ryan & Jillian

We are SO smitten over the engagement session of our clients Ryan & Jill. The two will wed in front of 250 of their family and friends in April 2012. They are such a sweet and beautiful couple inside and out. Check out a few sneak peaks from the fabulous Jenni Grace Photography!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Southern Class: Katrina & Bryan

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan C. Brantley, Esquire tied the knot on April 9, 2011-exactly one year from the date Bryan proposed. Katrina is originally from Richmond, VA and decided to have the ceremony and recpetion at the Dominion Club in Glen Allen, VA. The beautiful lawyer-duo will reside in Pittsburgh, PA where they met. The southern belle knew she wanted her day to embody elegance and class. From the regal design of the country club venue to the lawnside ceremony and the clean table designs with eye-catching centerpieces to the pink hues that softened the room, their wedding was everything they wanted it to be! Check out these pics from the fabulous Jennifer Colina. We absolutely adore this couple!

So beautiful...

The perfect dress...

Classic, custom stationery with a pop of pink by Trios Creative.

The endearing forehead kiss :-) The Elegant Rotunda Each table had a uniquely designed centerpiece
We LOVE how the cake mimics Katrina's dress...large magnolia flowers, tiered ruffle detailing.

Thanks SO much to all of the vendors who made Katrina & Bryan's wedding day come true!

Location: Richmond, VA
Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Dominion Club
Photography: Jennifer Colina Photography
Floral Design: Floraculture
Lighting: Backstage Lighting
Wedding Stationery: Trios Creative
Cake Design: Baker's Kitchen
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Dress: Pattis