Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sit Outside the Box

Traditionally, wedding receptions have your 60 or 72 inch round tables with 8-10 chairs around them. Nowadays modern brides are wowing their guests with a wedding reception design that goes beyond the round banquet tables. Why not make your wedding reception look like you've invited them into the comfort of an intimate lounge or home? Comfy, cozy lounge seating makes it easy for guests to mix, mingle, and chillax.

You can rent furniture in white or black. White is more common and we actually prefer white as well. There is SO much versatility with lounge seating which include banquettes, love seats, benches, corner pieces, and ottomons. You can have so much fun piecing it together into a custom design. It can be set up in your cocktail hour. You can have seating around the dancefloor as a focal point within the reception. You can have a bar area seperate from the dance area where guests can mingle away from loud music, filled with lounge furniture, side/end tables instead of banquet/cocktail tables and chairs, creating an actual lounge. You can also use banquettes along one side of a long, rectangular dinner table with chairs on the opposite side.

We love this trending decor item. Using punches of colors with pillows, florals, and candles in your lounge area to compliment your wedding theme/colors ties it all together seamlessly and stylishly. Even throw in some lighted tables to create a beautiful glow. Lounge furniture is not a cheap decor item. However, if you are looking to step outside the box and take your design to another level, it's certainly an element to consider. Check out these fabulous pics of different lounge seating within a reception. Be inspired!

Photo Credit: Google Images

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