Friday, May 31, 2013

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Footwork Friday

by Nicole  
French designer Christian Louboutin is infamous for his red-soled shoes. His collection of wedding shoes that added the blue sole instead of the red was a great idea, but brides were disappointed to hear that they were only offered for a limited time. However, launching her bridal shoe line a month ago, Betsey Johnson saved those brides who were in love with those amazing blue-soled shoes. The price of her shoes are at a much more reasonable cost than a pair of Louboutins, ranging from $79-$199. The shoe designs will be sure to blow you away, and besides, what better way is there to incorporate “something blue” into your wedding attire than by having them on the sole of some fabulous shoes? Be inspired.

Photo Credit: Betsey Johnson & Pinterest

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