Sunday, July 11, 2010

Get Inspired-Fun Fiesta

Children's birthdays are such a BIG deal nowadays! I remember my birthday parties at a McDonald's party room, a skating rink, or just cake and ice cream at home. These days a first birthday party can have a 75+ guest list and be held at a venue! That's a Sweet 16 or small wedding! Parents are going above and beyond for their little ones at age one, two, three, four, and so on! They want to WOW their guests with unique themes, cool decor, and fun favors....they even hire planners to do so!

Check out this festive first birthday party...from the play on "Cinco de Maia" to the coordinating customization to the ribbon chandelier to the maraca favors, this first birthday is absolutely adorable!

Though this was a first birthday, the ideas from this party can easily be translated into any summer party-baby shower, bridal shower, or fiesta-themed dinner party! Get inspired for your next special event and let {SHE} help you plan a lavish affair!

Happy Planning!

Photo Credit: Jessica Christ Photography, WH Hostess


  1. Love it and love the colors!

  2. Me too! I thought about you! Gotta love custom stationary!!! ;-)