Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's a 'Burgh Thing :-)

A wedding in Pittsburgh just isn't a wedding without COOKIES! After the 'I Do's' and dinner, guests are anticipating the infamous 'Cookie Table'. For some time now, wedding receptions in Pittsburgh have featured cookie tables with dozens of assorted, homemade (or freshly baked) cookies. It is a tradition reflecting the diverse ethnic communities of steel mill towns in Western Pennsylvania. The women in the family get together, pull out old recipes, and bake cookies for the BIG day.

You can always keep it basic and display your cookies on trays OR you can have a little fun and add some fun shapes, cool containers, tiered trays, cute labels, and even a shot of milk. Either way, if you are having a wedding in Pittsburgh, the cookie table is a must-have!

Happy Planning!

Photo Credit: Google Images

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  1. Shayla - love the bride & groom cookies ... we will have to talk about this for my wedding!