Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Tip/Trend #1: Keep Guests Cool

Summer heat can cause guests to quickly become uncomfortable. If any part of your wedding is outdoors or guests have to commute from ceremony to reception, provide relief from the hot summer sun by incorporating a few tips and tricks to beat the heat. Consider these ideas to allow guests to relax, stay cool, and enjoy your special day.

1. Have hand-held fans available for guests. Engrave your names and wedding date onto the fans, and they can double as a wedding favor. You can also create your program in a fan format. Consider placing the fans on chairs before the guests arrive or arranging fans near the guest book for easy access. Or go slightly more high-tech and opt for personal battery-operated fans. Add parasols for guests who may want extra shade from the heat and sun.

2. Offer bottled water to guests as they wait for the ceremony to begin. Place water bottles in buckets of ice water around the ceremony location. Keep water bottles cool by storing plenty of ice in extra coolers. Assign someone to replenish the water bottles or to offer them to guests upon their arrival. Or, you can set up a small refreshment station with pitchers of water, lemonade or iced tea so guests can serve themselves. To add some style, add personalized labels to the water bottles.

3. Plan the wedding ceremony during the coolest part of a summer day, possibly right before sunset. Have outdoor lighting available in case the wedding ceremony lasts longer than expected.

4. Avoid using metal chairs for guests to sit on. The sun will heat the chairs, making them uncomfortable for guests to sit on.

5. If ceremony, cocktail, and reception are all (or mostly) outdoors, provide an indoor spot with access to air-conditioning if guests become overheated. Assign someone to mention the "cool room" to guests as they arrive for the ceremony.

6. Choose light foods for appetizers, and for the meal, go with cool salads, seafood, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Limit or eliminate hot food items from the menu and offer freshly made sangria for an alcoholic beverage. Discuss with your caterer the importance of featuring foods that won't spoil or wilt in summer heat.

7. Offer cool treats! (i.e. snow cone, ice cream, popsicle, ice cream sandwich, etc.)

8. Remind your guests to wear light clothing (summer chic) for the ceremony.

Happy Planning!
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  1. These are very good ideas....I would have never thought of any of this!

  2. Should we incorporate some of them for your wedding? August will be blazing! =)

  3. That sounds good to me!