Saturday, June 12, 2010


Centerpieces and flowers are always a BIG topic when it comes to the design part of weddings and events. Alot of my brides this season are not big on flowers and want little-to-no-flowers as part of their overall table decor. Being a flower-type-of-girl, my immediate thoughts were "no flowers, no way!" Talking further with my brides, their real concerns were how costly flowers are and I could not agree more! Depending on the type of flower, size, complexity of design, and number of tables you have, this element can get very pricey. Some brides want to go all out for their floral design and some just want to keep it simple.

To cut costs, more and more brides are forgoing elaborate floral designs, alot are having do-it-yourself (DIY) flowers, some are using faux flowers, and some are doing away with flowers completely. Flowers typically add the POP of color(s) in the table decor; however you can use linens, ribbon, napkins, glassware, candles, stones, fruit, desserts, colored water, submersible colored lighting, feathers, branches, stationary, favors, etc. to add your wedding colors/style throughout the table design.

Check out these centerpiece ideas for dinner and cocktail tables that use minimal or no flowers at all! All of these can be DIY projects, incorporate faux flowers, and save you $$$ without compromising style!

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