Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spotlight: i AMakeup

Looking like a million bucks is always high priority on your wedding day or if you are the guest(s) of honor. Alexis Maddox, owner of i AMakeup, is a fabulous makeup artist (and a dear friend of mine). Check out her blog all that's glAM for the latest on haute trends and tips! Here is her spotlight...

{Tell a little about yourself and services.}
I officially launched i AMakeup this past spring (2010) and while I just began my own freelance makeup business, I’ve done makeup for quite some time. I have had friends ask me to do their makeup for a wedding, including my friend’s last summer in Dallas (I did several bridesmaids!) or a ladies’ night out. I also worked at an Aveda salon while living in Columbus, OH, where I provided makeup application services for clients who wanted to complete their look after getting their hair done.

My motto for i AMakeup is “full, high-quality makeup services at a gorgeous price!” I made the decision to start my business shortly after getting engaged and learning what all goes into your special day. It can get hectic and expensive, which is why I will come to you, regardless of your makeup needs and event, and offer extremely reasonable prices to make everything that much more seamless. I LOVE what I do and helping others bring out their beauty, and that in itself is so rewarding.

{When did you fall in love with makeup?}
I can honestly say that I fell in love with makeup the minute my mom gave the “green light” to try out a few things in the 7th grade. Granted, I was limited to lipstick, blush and mascara, but I found creativity in just those three pieces. From there, I explored, played and shopped, shopped and shopped. I became a makeup junkie in my teen years and found such great excitement trying something new, whether it was a new eyeshadow shade, lip gloss hue or style to apply eyeliner.

{What is your #1 piece of advice for your clients?}
Be attentive to your natural assets and play them up! I am not a fan of someone looking so “done up” that they look like a completely different person without makeup – you should simply enhance what God gave you. However, if you have amazing almond-shaped eyes, work the shadow, liner and load on the mascara (or false lashes). If you have the most phenomenol pouty lips, don’t let them get lost with just a chapstick or let them go bare. Give them some extra punch with a high-intensity gloss or a bright, bold color if you are daring. Or if you have a chiseled bone structure to die for, work the angles with a highlighter cream and further contour your cheek bones. If you focus on your best feature, you can be minimal with everything else, and simply, watch draws drop!

...i AMakeup is one to watch!...Thanks Lex for sharing!
Happy Planning!

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