Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Black and Gold

By Marla
In celebration of the Pittsburgh Pirates winning baseball season, I thought a black and gold color scheme would be the inspiration to this blog post. In Pittsburgh, a lot of people want to stay away from combining the colors black and gold on their special day because they believe guests will link it to the city's team colors. However, when arranged in the right way black and gold can be a very glamorous color palette. In the pictures below it shows a few different ways to style your wedding with this color theme. For an antique look add lace with darker brushed gold accents, and use black to make the gold pop... If you want a more traditional theme, keep it simple with stripes and bright gold accessories. Both of these looks are elegantly paired together in black and gold. Both settings are warm, welcoming, chic, and perfect for a fall season wedding. Be inspired.




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