Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Trend: Ombre Wedding Cakes

By Leila

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Just thought we'd inspire your sweet tooth today with a post about a trend we noticed and loved: ombre wedding cakes. Ombre, ofcourse refers to the varying shade and gradient of color from light to dark. It's a great option for those who dont like fondant, because ombre cakes are easily made with buttercream. This could match any color scheme with an elegant touch. We have seen this coloring technique in fashion recently and now it is also being translated into weddings! We think it is very artsy, so be inspired!

Photo Credit: RuffledBlog

Photo Credit: TheBridesCafe

Would you try an Ombre cake? Do you prefer buttercream over fondant cakes, or no preference? 

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