Monday, August 13, 2012

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Something Blue

By Leila

Hello everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did! As the days and nights pass, your wedding may be approaching quickly. If you are a bride, you may still be looking for your perfect "something blue". We have a few new takes on this age old tradition with different ways to incorporate blue into your wedding day! Embroidery is a popular choice nowadays, but we see more and more brides trying to step outside of the box on this one... so what have they come up with?

We love the ideas of the bridesmaids signing the bottoms of your shoes in blue ink with a personal message! This could serve as a keepsake afterwards, which will be cherished for years to come.

Photo Credit: OmgImGettingMarried

Another cool shoe idea is picking up some glittered letters at Michael's or Joanne Fabrics and adhering them to the underside of the heel:
Photo Credit: Bashert

Lastly, if you go, go all the way! Pull up in a vintage blue car as this chic bride did!

Photo Credit: Ruffled

To those who are already happily married: What did you end up doing for your "something blue"?
To upcoming brides: Do you have any other ideas for your special day for you?