Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Panoramic Guest Photo

So when your wedding photographer e-mails you a request for your "shot list" (a list of all the people/details that are important to capture on your wedding), you have to include one mega shot of all your guests! Love, love, love this! Something about this type of picture reminds me of your class picture in elementary school or team photo but in a good way :-) Your wedding day is all about celebrating with friends and family that are special to you. Take advantage of the occasion and take one giant group photo that you will have forever. Not to mention, it will be SO fun for you and your hubby to go face-to-face and find everyone in the photo. Or even send it as a thank you photo card so guests can do the same! It's totally do-able if you plan for it by letting your photographer, dj, venue, and wedding planner know ahead of time.

Happy Planning!
Photo Credit: Stacey McCain, The Knot, Joey Kennedy Photography

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