Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Simple + Sweet

So we had to share the cutest DIY Valentine's Day gift posted on one of our favorite blogs Eat, Drink, Chic. Valentine's Day is just about spending time with whomever is special in your life. Fancy restaurants and expensive gifts are fabulous but not always necessary. Take the time to do something understated yet memorable for your sweetie :) V-Day usually falls on a random weekday, you both have to work, and restaurants will be on overload. Save yourself the hassle and make it a cosy night in, just you two. Here's what to do:

1. Find a cute popcorn container to contain all the goodies
2. Make sure your invitation includes some cute details of what the evening will include {i.e. snuggle under a blanket, order take-out, indulge in champagne, popcorn and candy in front of your favorite movie}
3. Instead of swapping gifts, write love letters or poems.
4. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Amy Moss of Eat, Drink, Chic

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