Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In Lieu of Favors

A lot of time and thought goes into every single detail of a wedding, including the favor -- it is one of the ways you can express your appreciation to your guests. While it's always a great momento for your loved ones to take home, way too often, the favor is left behind at the end of the day. Because of this, many brides and their grooms have decided to forego the tangible gift and make a contribution on their behalf as well as those who joined them on their special day.

It's an incredible way to not only make an impact but also add a personal flare. If you and your significant other are huge dog lovers, you may decide to make a donation to your local humane society. Or if you or someone you love is a cancer survivor, you can always make a charitable contribution to the American Cancer Society. The list of charities who are continuously striving for monetary support is never-ending. Making a donation is lieu of favors is a thoughtful touch, a way to include philanthropy into your wedding and allows you to show an attitude for gratitude.

Happy Planning!

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