Sunday, February 20, 2011

DIY: Proceed with Caution

Kudos to the crafty DIY bride -- you should be applauded for wanting to give your wedding day your own personal, special touch. DIY projects are taken on for a variety of reasons -- #1 reason: Save some $. While web surfing for wedding ideas you inevitably will come across a wedding detail -- whether it's a centerpiece, favor or super chic decor element that you just know you can re-create yourself without the lofty price tag....but beware those simple DIY projects, which often consist of many elements, products and detail can add up...BIG TIME!

Have I lost you -- if so, here is a concrete example of where a DIY would have been better off being a TDI
(They'll Do It):

The Pomander/Kissing Ball -- perfect to adorn the pew or chairs at your wedding ceremony - who doesn't love them and they often can get a bit costly. They seem to be a perfect candidate for a good ole DIY project. After purchasing the foam balls (which you can find fairly inexpensively) you have to completely cover them with flowers and even with the smallest foam balls you need a lot of flowers. Add that expense to the cost of glue, ribbon and the time investment necessary to create several depending on your ceremony seating arrangement and....unfortunately at the same price -- possibly less -- you could have paid to have someone else make these adorable arrangements.

By no means are we trying to deter the fabulous DIY bride from taking on projects of her own -- instead it's just to encourage you to pick and choose which projects you want to take on and which ones you will leave to a pro. Heavily consider the time it will take to make the piece(s), as well as all the products.

Happy Planning!

Team SHE

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