Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | "C" Is For Cookie

By: Sequoyah Rodgers

Hey, Yinz! Did you know that the famous cookie table seen at so many wedding receptions on the East Coast is a Southern Pennsylvania original?

cookie table: (n) a wedding tradition said to originate in Southern Pennsylvania, where in place of or in addition to a wedding cake, a large table with different cookies is presented to guests at the wedding reception

And while some guests are still prowling the reception space for the cookie table, others are enjoying an array of alternatives! {SHE} has compiled some of our favorite sweet (+ savory) alternatives to the classic cookie table. Be inspired!

The Bruschetta Bar

The Champagne Bar

The Charcuterie Station

The Cheese Buffet

The Ice Cream Bar

The Popcorn Bar

The Tea or Coffee Bar

The Whiskey Bar

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