Thursday, November 13, 2014

Columbus Wedding Planner | Real Venues

{SHE} had the pleasure of styling a shoot at Strongwater Food + Spirits, an amazing new venue in Columbus with a true, raw, warehouse feel.  Here is a sneak peak from our recent rocker glam shoot....and stay tuned for more that will be featured in the next print issue of Munaluchi Bridal Magazine, which is coming out this month!

Strongwater Food and Spirits is a restaurant, bar and event space in the heart of East Franklinton - attached to and born from the art and creative spirits of 400 W. Rich Street -- a 100 year old 105, 000 square foot warehouse filled with 97 private art and performance studios.

The D.A. Ebinger Sanitary Manufacturing Company build the original structure in 1910.  They began making sanitary pipes and eventually became EBCO and developed the modern drinking fountain and invented the dehumidifier.  Since EBCO left in the 1950s the building has been used as a glass blowing studio, a storage facility, the local headquarters for the Sweden Freezer and the offices and storage for Pizza Hut and Taco Bell to name a few. The bar is located in the old lobby of EBCO and was last renovated in 1944.  Strongwater has done their best to keep all the original Birch woodwork and Terrazzo flooring in tact and use as much old material from the building as possible, which includes everything from strange archaic machinery to massive tools and bolts.

Be inspired.

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