Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner - Real Event | 1920's Speakeasy Wedding

*By: Hope*     Summer weddings are back in season! {SHE} kicked off it's first pittsburgh wedding of the season with a 1920's Speakeasy themed wedding. 

All tables were named after influential people of that time period. The bride and groom sat at a sweetheart table named Bonnie & Clyde. Their card box was made of wood and had their name and date engraved into it. During cocktail hour they displayed their love story for all guests to see. As favors, the bride and groom made homemade moonshine to celebrate the world of underground drinking during prohibition.

Guests got involved with the "Keys to a Happy Marriage" activity. Guests were asked to write their advice on what makes a happy marriage and in it to the board for all the "keys" to be displayed.

For cocktail hour the guests were served cheese spreads with bread, pickled vegetables, and a variety of served appetizers. The bride then changed into a gorgeous all crystal gown for the reception.

Love Hard, Speak Easy, Be Inspired.

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