Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Tie The Knot In Polka Dot

By Marla
A traditional plain flyaway veil is always a perfect catch for a bride on her wedding day. However, what about a pattern? Polka dot veil is a classic 1950s style that can be worn with a modern twist. Whether it's that Jackie O chic style busher length veil, to a Cathedral length veil, it almost seems you can never go wrong with a little polka dot! Even if you're looking for a lace trim, bellow is a picture of a veil with both a mix of polka dots and a boarder of lace. They pair beautifuly and look so elegant. There are so many defferent styles and ways to wear a veil... Which is your favorite? Be inspired.

Photo Credit: Tumblr, Etsy, & Style Me Pretty

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