Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Flower Power

By Marla
A wall of flowers is a great element to have for during the ceremony or for the reception. It's a perfect background that can be used for wedding photos and also for a photo booth background for guests to enjoy! This could even be a DIY project of your own! All you would have to do is purchase the plywood size of your choice, staple the moss as well as the flowers and... Voila! This is a project that can turn into a high expense depending on what flowers you would like to use. However, I do not think you need expensive flowers such as a peony or roses to make the wall look beautiful. Carnations, daisies, babys breath, hydrangea, or any type of a filler in your choice of color would bring out that whimsical look from the floral wall. Be inspired.

Photo Credit: Ruche

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