Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | 10 Times Not To Wear Your Engagement Ring

By Julie

We know how exciting it is to flaunt your engagement ring out and about, but there are times and places you just shouldn’t wear it.  These tips will help you keep your ring in perfect condition.  Invest in a cute ring holder to place your ring in when you take it off!  Keep it on your nightstand, so you know where your ring is when it’s not on your finger!  Be inspired.
1. Put on lotion
2. Swim
3. Clean the house
4. Do the dishes
5. Operate heavy machinery
6. Play tennis
7. Gardening
8. Sleep
9. Lifting Weights
10. Cleaning the oven

Photo Credit: EtsyRepinly, and Jadore Les Macarons


  1. Is the ring shown in the second picture available for purchase? If so, who makes it and where can I get it?