Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Seeing Each Other Before The Ceremony

By Julie

To see, or not to see?  That is the question.  Honestly, there is no right answer.  Whether or not you and your groom see each other before the ceremony is completely up to both of you.  If you are tossing around the idea, here are some ideas that might sway you to see each other before... Be Inspired.

The Wow Factor-  He still will get weak in the knees as soon as he sees you walk down the aisle. Even if you just saw each other ten minutes ago, he won’t be able to contain his emotions at that very moment he sees you walking towards him.

Nerves-  Some brides and grooms just need to see each other before the trip down the aisle to calm them down.

Moment Alone- Sharing the last few minutes before the ceremony together let you have that alone time that you’re not going to have once you are saying your vows.  It also is a great opportunity for priceless photos.

Photos- Pictures are such an important part of the day.  Seeing each other early allows more time for photos to be taken.

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