Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner | Steampunk Chic

We met an adorable couple this weekend and we are SO excited about their wedding! The groom wants to incorporate steampunk elements while the bride wants to keep it vintage chic, with some antique carnival elements. We did our research and came up with a design to beautifully balance and tie the two rustic concepts together so they get the best of both worlds. So what the heck is steampunk!? We had to figure it out too! Steampunk is a sub-culture genre that mixes Science Fiction with Victorian era fashion. It can look a bit post-apocalyptic, and then again, it's also kinda futuristic. It's a world filled with sepia tones fused with rich jewel colored accessories, lots of bronze, brass and copper, with shapes of cogs and vintage typewriter keys. Fashions include plenty of lace-ups, corsets, buckles, hats, goggles, stripes, and crinoline. Check out these elements in this super cool steampunk chic wedding! Be Inspired! Photo Credit: Sugar & Fluff

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