Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ultimate DIY Project: Wedding Card Box

There are many brides out there who aspire to be a DIY woman but is less-than-crafty. Well there's one project that is fool proof and will come out looking like it was done by a professional: Your wedding card box. It's a "must" for every wedding to hold all the generous gifts from your guests - Everyone is going to see it so give it some of your own wedding flare. If you search online for a custom one, you can spend upward of $70 but if you follow the step-by-step guide below, you can create yours for around $40 or less!

1.) Purchase papier mache boxes (aka hat boxes) - You can find these at your local craft store in a variety of sizes and shapes. Go with whatever works for the size of your wedding and what works for your taste

2.) Purchase fabric - look for fabric that has some weight but isn't too thick. Brocade is a fabulous fabric to use because it has some "body" and you can find some gorgeous designs. To cover three boxes you will need about 2.5 yards and with one box 1-1.5 yards should suffice. Remember this is all about your personal touch so have fun with colors, fabrics and mix and match!

3.) Purchase fabric glue and Wonder Under
/Stitch Witchery -- spray glue is best for this project and Wonder Under or Stitch Witchery is a ribbon of material that allows you to create a clean hem
with an iron (no sewing necessary!)

4.) Purchase any embellishments you may want - rhinestones, pearls, ribbon, etc.

**Be sure to look for coupons for your local craft store. They often have 40%-50% off a product which means you can save A LOT of $$$ **

5.) Cut a slit on the very top box where people will insert cards. Also cut a whole which mirrors the shape of the box in the boxes below (if you have multiple boxes. This isn't necessary if you only have one box). Cutting a whole allows the car ds to fall to the bottom. Make the whole slightly smaller than the box that will sit on top so once you assemble it, you wont see the cut out.

6.) Cover away!!!
- Cut the fabric to cover the height of the box and wrap around. Be sure to keep the seam in the back so you can hide it. Spray the glue onto the box and wrap around the box - not top to bottom). **Please note - if you use satin or silk, the glue will stain the fabric so be extremely careful**
- Cover the Lid -- this is simple, just cut a piece of fabric that will cover the top and wrap slightly along the sides. Once you cover the top make slight cuts/snips along the edge of the fabric so it looks like teeth. This will allow you to fold the fabric along the sides without any wrinkles and is especially necessary if you use round boxes
- Cover the sides of the lids (aka the lip) -- this is where you will need the Wonder Under or Stitch Witchery. Cut a thin piece of fabric that is about two-times the height of the lip of the lid. Fold over the one side and place the hemming product in the fold. Iron down along the length of the fabric. Then adhere fabric to the lip with the glue with the hemmed side along the top. This gives you a wonderful, clean edge and it will cover those snipped edges that were glued down when covering the top. Fold the excess fabric using the same small cut/snip technique underneath the lid.
- Repeat all these steps for all boxes if you are utilizing more than one

7.) Glue the individual boxes together using a glue gun or strong adhesive. Fabric glue probably will not be strong enough

7.) Add embellishments as you see fit -- wrapping a ribbon around and making a bow is simple but beautiful. Add some bling or some pearls -- w
hatever makes you happy!

Happy Planning

Team SHE

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